Riot.EXE (riotexe) wrote in big_pants,

Brand new to the community.

I was searching for MAC Gear pants, and came across this community out of the blue. Badass, but maybe you guys have an answer to this question of mine. What the hell happened to MAC Gear clothing? I can't seem to find it anywhere...I used to wear that, Caffiene, Kikwear and Greed...but it's so hard to find them anymore...grrr on that noise.

I'm seein' there might be some custom clothing peeps here...I think that's really cool. I don't make clothing myself...but many of my friends (mostly the female ones) over the years said that if I ever somehow managed to make some of my clothing designs a reality, they'd wear my stuff in an instant (I actually like doing CHARACTER design...but hey, it goes hand in hand with the clothing, I guess...)

if anyone is interested in seein' my stuff:
- DeviantArt, my strong work portfolio.
- Multiply, has what my DeviantArt page has, but also a lot of my other crap.
- the ol' myspace, no art here...but you can find my info there and whatnot...

Thanks in advance...
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